Houston - The Lovers at Last Concert Cafe

You may have seen us, The Lovers, play at Flipside one of the past few years.  We're from Austin and don't know that many people in Houston, so we'd be glad if some Houston burners come out to our gig...

The Lovers will be playing in Houston this Friday night, August 14th.

It's the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock, so we're going to party like it's 1969!

Last Concert Cafe has great Mexican food, friendly staff, and a big outdoor stage.

The first band is Texas Tea Party (starting around 9:30ish)

The last band is The Lovers (starting around 11:30ish)

Last Concert Cafe
1403 Nance Street
Houston, TX 77002
$8 cover if over age 21

More about The Lovers:

Check out the poster, it's pretty groovy!


Dr. Sketchy Anti-Art School is Sunday, July 26th from 5-8pm

Join us Sunday, July 26th from 5-8pm for drinking, drawing and debauchery at Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School! Every month, we host a three hour figure drawing session with a beautiful burlesque dancer, music, food, drinks and prizes. This month's model is Bitty Betty from The Southern Sirens. For more info, check us out here:

Chairs are $10 and tables are $15. Please RSVP at and bring your own art supplies.
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We Transform.

I want to thank the spirit of Flipside and Burning Man for showing us, truly, what humans can do. We can create the world that we want. We are creating the world that we want. Thank you for showing us our place in the universe, between the sun and the moon and the stars, above the grass and the earth. We celebrate there, us humans, reveling in our aliveness. We spark, we dance, we love, we build. We transform. Thank you for allowing so many openings - in ourselves, between each another, between us and something higher. Everything we need passes through these openings. I am humbled by and grateful for these gifts. I will do my best to remain open.

Thank you for giving us what we need. Thank you for giving us what we need. Thank you for giving us what we need.

There are no other words.
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Volunteer Help Still Needed This Weekend!

Did you have a great time? Well, if your heart is overflowing with the hippy love and you want to put your money where your mouth is, there is still a chance to help with the final push this weekend!

Saturday at Flatcreek-10am
Help with Take Down and Loading all of the Trucks. We would love to have 50 people this day.

Sundat at the Warehouse 7pm
Unload the Trucks

To sign up for either or both-

If you are wiki challenged you can email me at with:
Which day(s) you want to work

and I’ll add you it in there for you.

You all kick so much ass,

Volunteeeeer! (My last big request!)

Hi there Flipcitizens,

We are almost at the end of the rainbow that is finally not being at our day jobs and the packing is almost done. But there are still jobs that need hands to make this an enjoyable event for everyone. I do want to already say thank you thank you thank you to everyone that has elicited effort in making this crazy machine go. I have been honored to beg you all for your help.

The final plea for these folks!

Shaven Apes can always use more hands

PVC still needs lots of help manning the volunteer booth.

Ice still has Monday and Thursday Shifts!

Greeters still has a Saturday late night shift available!

Parking still needs volunteers so if you're interested contact the lead onsite.

Earth Greeters still has a Sunday night slot

Load In Load Out! infratsructure would still love your help the Saturday and Sunday after Burn

After Event Post Ops would love your help! Especially on Saturday the 30th!

If you are wiki challenged and need help filling in your spot you can email with what shift it is you want to work until tomorrow noon and I will make the edit for you.


STARR FEST moondance thanks

It was a marvelous night for a moondance, at the STARR FEST full of love!  A fabulous night to remember, thank you, thank you all!  And all the night's magic seemed to whisper and heal, and all the soft Starrlight shines strong in our song...

Volunteers! Time to run away to the Jungle! (with a Special Request for Stage Geeks!)

Hi there fearless explorers,

I can hear the trumpets now from this Freakalicious Safari we are about to experience. And I, as your Volunteer Coordinatrix, am still looking for a few (or more than a few) good folks to help make this thing rock the house like I know it will. We still have several shifts in several areas open. (Where are my late night shift people at?) So if you still want to help, (even if you were good and filled out your volunteer profile but the ball was dropped and you haven’t been contacted,) please email and I will put you to work!


Calling all Stage Geeks! Looking for people with mad skills (Stage Manager, Sound Techs, Lighting Techs, and Stage Hands) to help make this the best Effigy ever. (And like all brilliant productions, we are looking to make it happen with less time than normal humans would think possible.) If you got the goods, please email asap with a short bio to let me know where you best think you can help.


Yours in ever faithful fire,
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I was apparently misinformed about the photo that was sent to me of the mountain lion. However, there is a mountain lion out near Flat Creek - or at least we had one. I am not sure of its most recent sighting, but am certain of a sighting in 07.
Thank you all for contributing to the thread, and the one on facebook. I am embarrassed now to have posted it, but am not sure how I could have confirmed the info ahead of time. I will stick to posting my own pictures from now on.